PM360 2021 Trailblazer Awards Point of Care Silver Winner PatientPoint

PatientPoint Wait-Time Communication Platform (PatientPoint)

Early on in the COVID-19 pandemic, people assumed that wait times vanished because patients stopped seeing doctors in person. Both assumptions were false. After April 2020, patient traffic levels returned to near-normal with doctor’s office waits averaging 11 minutes—down from 15 minutes in pre-COVID times.

With less time to engage with patients, PatientPoint’s Wait-Time Communication Platform combined two tactics. One was multi-zone waiting room digital screens that delivered targeted advertising, real-time weather, and other engaging content to capture attention while patients waited.

The platform also included patient mobile targeting, which consisted of geofenced mobile campaigns that enabled brands to reach patients on their phones. And it offered post-visit retargeting with relevant follow-up as patients approached a pharmacy or other point of interest.

In the several months since the PatientPoint Wait-Time Communication Platform launched, patients and brands are seeing positive impact from both the multi-zone content approach and mobile patient campaigns. Sponsoring brands experienced higher than average CTR during their campaigns.


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