Entrée Health


Market Access Branding

The healthcare system isn’t just complex, it’s rich with therapies, with data, and with solutions for population management. That’s a beautiful thing. Yet so much overlaps in the fight for our customers’ attention. So it’s easy to lose sight of what’s most important: the health of patients. That’s why Genentech is dedicated to cutting through the confusion with razor sharp insights and crisp solutions for health plans, employers, and integrated delivery networks.

These organized customers are varied, but they share one characteristic: they are more interested in the whole patient experience rather than a single therapeutic area. We created a branding system that removed the feeling that Genentech was simply selling products one at a time, and focused the conversation on Genentech’s passion for patients, leadership, and ability to merge technology and medicine.

Entrée Health Team:
Lane Maloney, SVP, Management Supervisor
Ricardo Paredes, VP, Associate Creative Director, Art
Pasquale Cardinale, Art Supervisor
Paul Smith, SVP, Creative Director
Lizzie Walsh, Senior Copywriter
Nina Manasan Greenberg, PhD, Chief Creative Officer


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