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It’s Time to #OvaryAct

GSK/TESARO is committed to building resources that educate, empower, and support those affected by ovarian cancer. Through their “Our Way Forward” program, they’ve had the privilege of personally connecting with women impacted by ovarian cancer at various conferences and events. That visceral experience combined with social listening performed by Intouch Solutions exposed the many myths associated with ovarian cancer detection, symptoms, and diagnosis. Ovarian cancer has the lowest survival rate of all female cancers, yet it’s misunderstood and underfunded. People think it only impacts older women, or that Pap tests will detect it. Neither is true.

Misconceptions like these called for mass awareness. That’s why GSK/TESARO launched #OvaryAct during Ovarian Cancer Awareness month in September 2019. This socially driven campaign empowered people everywhere to share impactful GIFs, get vocal, and spread the word about ovarian cancer. And this message of action was amplified even more by numerous advocacy groups and key influencers.

#OvaryAct was the first of any campaign by a pharmaceutical company to engage in a promotional media partnership with GIPHY. In just one month, #OvaryAct garnered over 2M engagements on social media and 12.5M+ impressions.

Agency Team:

Jennifer Bader, SVP, Social Media
Alex Castro, Sr. Manager, Social Media
Jacob Stetson, Sr. Manager, Social Media
Kristoffer Koerner, VP, Creative
Tracy McGowen, Associate Creative Director
Sutrice Brimmage, Associate Creative Director, Copy
Alex Kareotes, Account Director
Cyndi Placencia, Sr. Account Manager
Michelle Comparetti-Ziekert, SVP Executive Creative Director
Kim Middleton, SVP, Client Services
Justin Chase, EVP/Head, Innovation & Media

Client Team:

Stefanie Nacar, Head, U.S. Oncology Communications, GSK
Jillian Hodge, Senior Manager, U.S. Oncology Communications, GSK


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