Ironshore Pharmaceuticals

Jornay PM “Rising Star” Campaign

Most treatment options for ADHD are taken in the morning and may take about 90 minutes (or longer) to start working. So, for patients and their families, the morning struggle can be a real burden. Think about it—if medication is taken at 6:00 AM, symptoms aren’t controlled until maybe 7:30 AM. And for most households, a lot needs to happen in that time—getting everyone in the house up, dressed, fed, teeth brushed, homework, and lunch packed—it’s no wonder mornings are reported as the most difficult time of day.

Our research revealed an additional issue: doctors and patients weren’t really talking with each other about this difficult time of day because there wasn’t really an effective treatment for early morning ADHD symptoms.

Enter Jornay PM, an entirely new way to treat ADHD and early morning functioning issues (EMFI). Jornay PM gives doctors a built-in reason to stop and listen to what the brand has to say: Jornay PM, a stimulant, is dosed at night.

AbelsonTaylor Team:
Andy McAfee, SVP, Creative Director
Marissa Ori, Creative Director
Michael North, Art Supervisor
Maggie Drury, Account Supervisor
Eric Densmore, EVP, Account Director
Dave Schafer, Associate Director of Digital Production
Stephanie Zimmerman, Director, Project Management
Christy Agee, VP, Project Management
Maria Murray, Project Manager
Heather Meloche, Associate Account Director
Kaylee McAuliffe, Sr Project Manager
Jason Lobdell, Senior Planner
Kevin Kustra, Creative Director
Erik Thornburg, Art Production Supervisor
Joe Bolokowicz, Senior Print Producer


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