Capital Health

How Far Would You Go

Faced with increasingly aggressive competition from hospital networks in both Philadelphia and New York City, Capital Health, which serves Mercer and Burlington counties in New Jersey and Bucks county in Pennsylvania, needed to convince potential patients and their families that they could get the same world-class level of care right here at home that they could get in those cities.

We turned that concern upside down, by focusing on what is actually most important to people and at the root of their belief in the superiority of those cities—that you would go to the ends of the earth if someone you cared about was sick, and that you’d want to believe everyone at the hospital you were entrusting their care to would as well.

Utilizing an intensely personal point-of-view in the still photography, GPS data in mobile marketing, and home movies in the TV commercials, Capital Health was able to speak in a uniquely intimate way that avoided the clichés of the category, inspired the employees, and connected with the public.

Agency Team:

Heather Kasprzak, Associate Creative Director/Art
Marin Bihl, Executive Creative Director
Jason Rossano, SVP, Account Director
Kiri Mladjen, Senior Account Manager