PM360 2023 Trailblazer Awards Social Media Campaign Gold Winner Amgen, AstraZeneca, and imre Health

Raise Awareness During Asthma Peak Week (Amgen, AstraZeneca, and imre Health)

Globally, approximately 2.5 million people are living with severe asthma whose asthma is uncontrolled or biologic eligible, and approximately 1.3 million of these people reside in the U.S. Many in this population are not aware that annually in the U.S. the third week of September is considered Asthma Peak Week because it’s known for having the highest concentration of asthma flare-ups and hospitalizations, based on Amgen and AstraZeneca’s patient advocacy and HCP partners’ findings.

Amgen and AstraZeneca partnered with imre Health to launch two social initiatives to raise awareness of the increased exposure to triggers such as ragweed pollen, dust and mold, and respiratory infections. They determined a TikTok Top Feed Ad and Facebook In-Stream Reserve Ad would be best served to help severe asthma patients prepare for the impact of Asthma Peak Week. Leveraging the popular “tell me without telling me” trend native to TikTok, the creative reflected the authentic experience of someone living with severe asthma by including small details that only they would understand, like checking the air quality, the seasonality of their condition, and never leaving the house without an inhaler. For the Facebook In-Stream Reserve ad, they leveraged a video featuring a real patient as a means of reaching others with severe asthma who may identify with this patient’s story.

During Asthma Peak Week specifically, branded site visits increased 616% with three-quarters of traffic originating from the Facebook In-Stream Ad. Meanwhile, the TikTok High-Impact Buy was the third highest driver of branded site traffic in September—driving 5% of the total traffic that month.


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