PM360 2022 Innovative Company Sharecare


Contact Person:
Laura Klein, President Life Sciences

Sharecare is a health and well-being digital platform leveraging proprietary zero-party data to identify and empower patients to manage their health. It also provides innovative media solutions for pharma brands to target and activate key audiences. Their newest comprehensive suite of innovations addresses key health trends, uses the latest technologies, shares insights that drive enhanced doctor discussions, and most importantly, elevates the lives of patients and caregivers.

Patients who visit a Sharecare education center spend 19% more time on advertiser’s sites, are two times more likely to visit a specialist, and 70% more likely to receive a prescription. They reported feeling more knowledgeable about their condition, were 25% more likely to talk to their loved ones about the information learned, and 54% more likely to speak with their doctor about a pharmaceutical brand.*

As more intelligent virtual assistants take center stage, Sharecare’s Virtual Assistant interactive solution is customizable for specific conditions, providing patients with the support and education needed to manage their health. The interactive experience offers various health topics—designed to empower and create a one-on-one relationship with users, increasing adherence and compliance.

HealthChat is another real-time interactive innovation. The platform uses an interactive chatbot that takes patients through a series of questions, designed to help navigate personal health journeys. HealthChat reaches patients with a 3.8 times Audience Quality Targeting Multiple, demonstrating the effectiveness of chatbots to help manage care.

In 2023, Sharecare will introduce new best-in-class innovative products spotlighting diverse patient stories, interactive experiences, brand-safe social and community solutions, mental health initiatives, audio streaming, connected TV, and point-of-care opportunities—all designed to empower patients to take control of their conditions.

* Source: Sharecare – “Value of Custom Content in CECs Study,” April-May 2022, n=4,326, Adobe Omniture.


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