PM360 2022 Innovative Startup Spesana


Contact Person:
Carla Balch, CEO

Spesana was founded in 2020 by Carla Balch, whose team built the first oncology EMR and the first cancer clinical decision support platform in an EMR. Recognizing that the fragmented health ecosystem often results in delayed patient care, they have now built Spesana to break down the silos and accelerate precision medicine across therapeutic areas.

Spesana is Latin for hope and health, and it is the driving force behind the Spesana platform. Many companies have attempted to streamline healthcare by replacing technology. Instead, Spesana improves and amplifies any healthcare technology. The platform aggregates a patient’s medical records to include records across cities, states, specialties, and EMRs, providing a comprehensive patient view of diagnostics, treatments, drugs, outcomes, and available clinical trials.

Spesana was designed for physicians who face an increasingly complex healthcare landscape and are frustrated by multiple lab and pharma portals and websites. It is a single source for clinical content, genomic test ordering and tracking, referrals, and consults, and has an intuitive navigation that helps clinicians make informed treatment decisions to deliver better patient outcomes. Pharmaceutical clinical information can be tagged, searched, and shared for easy accessibility.

Physicians see a singular, unified patient view, find real-world evidence (RWE), collaborate through the platform with other clinicians, and connect directly with MSLs or commercial teams for immediate clinical answers. Clinical trials are built into the platform to optimize the chances of finding matching patients. The Spesana platform puts power back in the clinicians’ hands and improves their ability to gain critical clinical information when they need it. Spesana’s integrated aggregation and elegant user interface allows providers to focus on improving patients’ lives.


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