PM360 2022 Innovative Startup XpertPatient LLC

XpertPatient LLC

Contact Persons:
Jackie Schatell, Media Contact

Kate Hensler, Sponsorship Opportunities

In 2022 alone, it is estimated that almost two million people in the U.S. will be diagnosed with cancer. Realizing a more innovative approach to education and empowerment will help these individuals achieve better treatment results, Risa Arin built, an unprecedented, next-gen patient support platform.

Launched in June 2022, XpertPatient is intricately designed to enable newly diagnosed people to get “cancer smart” fast. The company is tapping into AI, proven customer experience design practices, and adult learning techniques to reimagine and advance how we build confidence and empower those new to a cancer journey, an approach proven to improve patient outcomes. The personalized website experience lets visitors:

  1. Better understand their diagnosis and likely tests.
  2. Compare their FDA-approved treatment options.
  3. Prepare to have informed conversations with their treatment team members.

Early feedback from patients, caregivers, HCPs, and site sponsors has been overwhelmingly positive.

Debra Bowler, Stage 4 Lung Cancer Thriver, says, “Being diagnosed with cancer is all at once scary and emotional because your mind moves to the worst-case scenario. XpertPatient takes that fear of the unknown and explains in simple language exactly what you have, your treatment options, and what you can expect throughout your treatment to remove that ‘unknown.’ It very much helps cancer patients become an active participant in their treatment and recovery.”

Carolyn Ricci, Executive Director of the Global Cancer Institute, says, “XpertPatient provides a critical resource by delivering unbiased treatment information and discussion guides patients can use to have more substantive conversations with their care providers. Surfacing information needed to make informed decisions is a critical step to achieving the best possible outcomes.”


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