PM360 2020 Innovative Product Point of Care Anywhere from PatientPoint

Point of Care Anywhere


Linda Ruschau, Chief Client Officer

In Spring 2020, the telehealth industry boomed as COVID-19 gripped the country and stay-at-home orders took effect. But despite telehealth’s exponential growth, the industry remained fragmented. Overwhelmed HCPs were presented with more than 260 platform providers to choose from. Patients were often left staring at blank, static screens while they waited. And telehealth platforms did not yet offer pharmaceutical and health and wellness brands a meaningful connection to patients and healthcare providers—a connection needed more than ever during the pandemic.

With all that in mind, in June 2020, PatientPoint launched Point of Care Anywhere, bringing the company’s education and engagement tools and brand messaging to virtual health via partnerships with leading telehealth and remote care management platforms. Point of Care Anywhere is designed to deliver hyper-targeted condition education, treatment information, and interactive tools to the virtual health environment.

Just like with PatientPoint in-office solutions, Point of Care Anywhere provides an end-to-end, 360-degree solution for all virtual health touchpoints. That includes engaging patients with condition-specific education and brand messaging before and after the visit; offering virtual wait-time programming featuring relevant education and brand messaging specific to the patient’s reason for the visit; enhancing the patient-physician discussion by featuring tools such as interactive 3D anatomical models into the virtual consultation; and delivering condition-specific education and brand messaging to remotely managed chronic patients on an ongoing basis.

Currently, Point of Care Anywhere is in pilot with five leading telehealth and remote care management platforms. Additionally, PatientPoint has received commitments from more than a dozen brands to advertise on the platform during the pilot phase.


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