PM360 2022 Innovative Startup Senda Biosciences

Senda Biosciences

Contact Person:
Guillaume Pfefer, PhD, CEO, Senda Biosciences and CEO-Partner, Flagship Pioneering

Senda Biosciences, which was formally unveiled by Flagship in October 2020, is the first company to comprehensively use nature’s codes to program information molecules—not just within the cell, but also to the cell of choice—by harnessing the power of natural nanoparticles. Senda’s platform has the potential to unlock the therapeutic promise of all types of information molecules, including mRNA, siRNA, gene editors, and other biomolecules.

Today, Senda is generating a new class of comprehensively programmed medicines called SendRNA medicines that, through Senda’s unique “to the cell” programming approach, can access previously inaccessible cells, tissues, and organs to drive functionality and therapeutic benefit. In addition to target specificity, SendRNA medicines can be programmed with a range of desirable bioproperties, including repeatable dosing, high potency at lower doses, and multiple routes of administration.

Senda is first focusing on creating new frontiers for mRNA medicines for infectious, genetic, metabolic, and autoimmune diseases, as well as oncology—with further potential to transform the gene editing and protein-based therapy landscapes as well. Senda plans to further develop and refine the platform, nominate its first drug candidates, and prepare to move into the clinic in 2024.

So far, Senda has raised $266 million (Series A-C) from dedicated investors. And over the past 18 months, the company has demonstrated the ability to drive potent protein expression or antibody response in studies of SendRNA for infectious disease prevention, generating a potentially industry-best data package for a COVID-19 vaccine. This includes data showing prevention of transmission and cross-variant neutralization in disease-relevant models, which builds on industry-leading antibody response with a dose of mRNA 60% lower than current benchmarks, including approved mRNA vaccines.


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