PM360 2022 Innovative Startup Hot Iron Health

Hot Iron Health

Contact Person:
Mike Myers, Partner

The healthcare market is evolving at unprecedented speed, and competition is fierce with innovative-rich therapies in oncology, cell and gene therapy, and Alzheimer’s disease. Successfully bringing a brand to market has become increasingly more complex. Adding to that complexity are clinical trials, changing payment models, and consumers’ access to healthcare.

In September 2022, CrowdPharm announced the launch of a strategic healthcare firm, Hot Iron Health, to help clients and their brands navigate through the inherent challenges brands in healthcare face today. The firm specializes in brand building and optimization, offering comprehensive strategic expertise to pharmaceutical, medical device, biotech, and animal health companies. Within six days of launching the firm, Hot Iron Health started working with its first client, and eight days later, the team was flying across the country to onboard their second.

Hot Iron Health brings brand managers insight through competitive response and simulation workshops, issue and opportunity exploration and evaluation, and strategic consultation. The team then delivers comprehensive market landscape insight, gap analyses, and brand planning and strategy that generate actionable insights and leadership that help clients drive success throughout a brand’s lifecycle.

“Supporting clients through strategic engagement when the strategic output is the primary endpoint versus it leading to an advertising agency solution is meaningful and important to clients and brands,” says Mike Myers, Partner. “Our laser focus with Hot Iron health enables us to truly assist brands in new and exciting ways.”

Hot Iron Health is a sister company to CrowdPharm, a full-service healthcare advertising agency, and seamlessly integrates with the agency’s capabilities and services, including having access to CrowdPharm’s global talent network of 5,300+ members across 115 countries.


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