PM360 2022 Innovative Company Cluep


Contact Person:
Sloan Sehr, Vice President, U.S.

Cluep’s mission is to help brands connect with stakeholders emotionally through artificial intelligence (AI). Their patented AI technologies are powered by advanced neural networks that enable real-time engagement with professional and patient audiences. Cluep’s results empower brands to deliver the right message to the right audience at the right time.

Pharmaceutical advertisers and hospital networks successfully leverage Cluep’s AI to create real-time audience segments that deliver heightened awareness and drive engagement.

The platform discerns a myriad of social cues, such as intent, needs, desires, interests, and life events, that align with client goals and media targeting parameters. The technology then derives credentialed insight from people’s public text-based posts, as well as the influencers and industry groups they follow to yield qualified audience profiles. In real time, Cluep subsequently engages the qualified segment with targeted media as they move outside social platforms throughout their mobile app/website journey, yielding impressive non-personal promotion key performance indicators.

Cluep’s image, video, audio, and text analysis offer targeting unmatched in pharmaceutical advertising. It connects with stakeholders in real-time, delivering creative tailored to the individual’s mindset and feeling state. The platform is 100% HIPAA compliant, using cookie-free targeting.

From disease-state education, message amplification, clinical trial awareness, and KOL identification and engagement, Cluep drives results that are 3x to 5x above industry benchmarks according to third-party measurement partners: $1.01 Cost per Site Visit—75% under goal (DCM); $16.93 Cost per Qualified Visit—69% under goal (DCM); $0.18 Cost per Diagnosed Patient—56% under goal (Crossix); and $24.52 Cost per Conversion to Brand—49% under goal (Crossix).


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