PM360 2021 Trailblazer Awards Sponsors

We would like to thank all of the 2021 Trailblazer Award sponsors. Learn more about each one by clicking on their respective tabs.


Brand Champion Roundtable and Platinum Sponsor

Calcium is all about nourishing brands—it’s about generating greater brand engagement and impact through rich insights and powerful ideas. We achieve this through our expertise and experience in the critical areas of strategy, creative, technology—all delivered with the highest levels of responsiveness and efficiency. Calcium is organizationally lean, nonbureaucratic, and highly focused on brand and client needs. We deploy precisely the right individuals and skill sets to deliver the best possible results. This includes providing a high degree of senior leadership involvement in order to maximize impact. Beyond nourishing brands, we see it as our mission to nourish the talent, skills, and dedication of our wonderful employees. To learn more, visit:

Strategix and AONN+

Platinum Sponsor

The Academy of Oncology Nurse & Patient Navigators (AONN+) is the largest national specialty organization dedicated to improving patient care and quality of life by defining, enhancing, and promoting the role of oncology nurse and patient navigators. Our organization of over 8,900 members was founded in May 2009 to provide a network for all professionals involved and interested in patient navigation and survivorship care services to better manage the complexities of the cancer care treatment continuum for their patients. We view our organization as one consisting of “professional patient advocates” and, to that end, we support and serve our members. Learn more at:

Strategix is a full-service medical communications agency that provides personalized service, flexibility, and individualized attention, while being backed by the infrastructure and shared professional resources of The Lynx Group (


Gold Sponsor

Biolumina is a full-service, integrated agency delivering customized, data-driven solutions for oncology brands. Our curiosity constantly drives a deeper understanding of everything we touch, using the power of science to transform market insights into a clear and motivating brand story. We like to think of ourselves as “translational scientists” who take complex scientific ideas and translate them into captivating brand experiences. We push one another to uncover truths, discover potential, and create energy that moves the needle forward. We are experienced explorers, pragmatic dreamers, respectful rebels, and geek chic. To learn more, visit:

Brick City Greenhouse

Gold Sponsor

Brick City Greenhouse took the antiquated healthcare agency model and turned it on its head. Founded on the idea of being a brand-first agency that empowers people to create the extraordinary on behalf of our clients, we strip away the unnecessary barriers to a productive relationship so clients can get exactly what they desire from their agency without all the baggage that comes with traditional AOR models. Many of our employees came from large holding-company agencies and saw firsthand how bottom lines are a bigger driver of agency behavior than doing what’s right for brands. The agency’s leaders wanted to change this and create an agency model that was truly focused, not just in words but functionally, on bringing out the best in brands and the people that serve them. To learn more, visit:


Gold Sponsor

At ConnectiveRx we take the pain out of the prescription process. As one single partner, we connect patients with prescribed medications through hub services, affordability, awareness, and adherence solutions. Through work with hundreds of pharma companies we’ve built patient relationships with more than 530 drug brands. Learn more at


Gold Sponsor

Reset your expectations of a health and wellness firm. Independent by design and built on a foundation of empathy, Fingerpaint is biopharma’s commercialization partner for analytics-enabled integrated solutions. At its core is an award-winning global team of more than 600 people who are committed to creating and executing meaningful brand experiences for healthcare providers, care partners, and patients. To learn more, visit:

Health & Wellness Partners, LLC

Gold Sponsor

Health & Wellness Partners, LLC (HWP) is a global medical communications company and a Women’s Business Enterprise-certified organization. HWP offers the life sciences industry excellence in strategic consulting, tactical planning, conceptualization, and creation of enduring materials, flawless execution of virtual and in-person events, and digital solutions that maximize platform use across programs—while remaining cost-effective.

The outcomes/metrics we gather allow us to plan, measure, and report to demonstrate behavior change and program value. We continually reassess our services to develop more efficient and effective ways to deliver innovation, quality, and flexibility, and we have proven our uncompromising commitment to client satisfaction. Learn more at:

InStep Health

Gold Sponsor

InStep Health delivers a wholly connected platform reaching patients, consumers, and providers in meaningful ways at every point in the health continuum. Offering the only industry-leading integrated marketing platform that combines the power of tactile and digital activations with the largest network of 250k+HCPs, working in 177k+ offices and 26k+ retail and pharmacy locations nationwide. Learn more at

Intouch Group

Gold Sponsor

Born digital, Intouch delivers the power of a network with the heart of a startup. Our single P&L unifies our values, enabling legendary client service. To learn more, visit:


Gold Sponsor

Building emotional connections is what we do at LevLane. Our unique model allows us to crack the code on linking your brand and all of its constituents. We apply expert thinking across the industry eco-system for unique, ROI-focused solutions. We’re brand connectors. We work best when we work holistically and agnostically. We like to say we bring a different perspective using the formula of Structure + Philosophy + Capabilities. We have been around for over 37 years, building long-term client relationships based on trust and measured outcomes¾two metrics we are deeply proud of. The result is a unique perspective and the ability to build relationships among your key target audiences. And so we ask the question, who loves ya? Learn more at:

Moon Rabbit

Gold Sponsor

Moon Rabbit is an advertising agency created to build brands that make their customers feel something. We are proudly misfit, challenging tired conventions and always pushing to create brave and powerful work that speaks to people.

We focus on the healthcare and consumer sectors and our work and growth have led to industry recognition. With revenue doubling year over year, we continue to build our digital and design groups and deepen strategic and creative partnerships with new and established clients from our offices in New York, California, and Singapore. To learn more, visit:

Publicis Health

Gold Sponsor

At Publicis Health, we are united around one purpose: to create a world where people are equipped and motivated to take control of their health. We transform healthcare marketing and communications into healthcare engagement. We believe healthcare marketing is healthcare, fostering healthy conversations, healthy behaviors, and healthy people. With 40 offices and 11 brands across the globe, Publicis Health’s worldwide staff is composed of more than 3,000 healthcare professionals who are experts in advertising and branding, data and analytics, strategic planning, service design, digital media and technology, science, and medicine. Publicis Health companies include: Digitas Health, Heartbeat, insync, Langland, Payer Sciences, PlowShare Group, Publicis Health France, Publicis Health Media, Razorfish Health, Saatchi & Saatchi Wellness, and Verilogue. For more information, visit us at


Gold Sponsor

QBFox is an abbreviation of the well-known phrase, the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.

We’re an instinctively agile, full-service strategic, creative and branding agency serving the healthcare and biotech community. Our senior, experienced team helps clients solve problems in real time, providing solutions right when answers are needed. Learn more at:

Proximyl Health

Gold Sponsor

Proximyl Health is a full-service, award-winning advertising agency with unmatched access to your customers. Every day, we produce impactful ideas based on direct contact with HCPs, patients, and their care partners. We know how they think and why they buy, and we help you master your brand challenges with these insights in mind. You want differentiated strategy? We delve deep to discover what best sets you apart. You want creative firepower? We craft ideas with your customers, so they’re pre-vetted. You want a business model based around you, well, we do that, too. Get close to us, and we’ll get you closer to your customers. To learn more, visit:


Gold Sponsor

UNPRECEDENTED HEALTHCARE MARKETING — VMLY&R has assembled the most comprehensive healthcare communications offering in the world. Our approach marries deep health expertise with creative technology and data firepower. Never before has one organization been so well equipped to help healthcare marketers grow their businesses and transform for the future. Connect with us at

VMS BioMarketing

Gold Sponsor

VMS BioMarketing is the leading provider of nurse-led patient and HCP support solutions for biopharma. Using behavioral health and analytical models, our singular focus over 25 years has been Clinical Nurse Educator programs that provide the high-touch, personalized support necessary to help patients successfully start and stay on therapy. To learn more, visit:


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