PM360 2020 Innovative Product Backstage® Relate from closerlook, inc.

Backstage® Relate

closerlook, inc.

Richard Watson, VP Marketing Intelligence

Building relationships between a biopharma brand and target HCPs is typically a long-term commitment. But what if that relationship building process could be accelerated? closerlook, inc. has developed a way to increase relevance and accelerate engagement with HCPs through Backstage® Relate, software designed to detect and uncover personality traits so brands can better engage with key HCPs.

Instead of executing multi-city market research to gain insights into HCP behavior, Backstage® Relate can quickly pull those data points into a quantitative report. Rather than completing six to seven waves of emails before getting a wholistic view of the target audience, Backstage® Relate can produce a summary before the first multi-wave communication is even sent.

The concept is based on the idea that every individual has unique characteristics that shape their behavior and decision-making process. Advances in machine learning enabled closerlook to develop the program which distinguishes the receiver’s preferred communication style by identifying their personality type. Built on closerlook’s Backstage® Intelligence analytics platform, the new software uses a proprietary series of programmatic algorithms to identify 64 dimensions of a personality.

Based on data extracted from an individual’s online behavior, Backstage® Relate can predict actions including which HCPs are more likely to respond to certain subject lines, scan messages presented in bullet points, or react to conversational tone positively. The program identifies personality traits at the individual physician level, enabling personalization at scale.

Insights from Backstage® Relate can also be used to inform media and content development. Understanding how HCPs consume content to make treatment choices and which channels they favor can help brand teams better connect with their target audience.


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