PM360 2021 Trailblazer Awards Direct-to-Patient Campaign Gold Winner Takeda and Snow Companies

Takeda Hemophilia Starter Kit (Takeda, Snow Companies)

Hemophilia is a bleeding disorder that requires lifelong treatment. The needs of the individual living with hemophilia change over time as young children grow in age and independence. With hemophilia patients able to live longer lives due to advances in treatment, there’s a greater demand than ever for comprehensive resources.

Takeda has a long-standing history in the bleeding disorders space, and previously had a Hemophilia Starter Kit. As the needs of patients continue to evolve, so do the resources patients receive. When the time came to update the kit, Takeda called on trusted agency partner Snow Companies to update that content with new information needed for the community.

Snow Companies spoke to patients, caregivers, and Takeda’s Clinical Nurse Educators to gain insights into what these stakeholders needed. They learned patients and caregivers needed more accessible content, written in easy-to-understand language. They refreshed design with relatable illustrations and drew on real hemophilia patients’ stories to craft relatable communications geared toward caregivers of newly diagnosed children.

The final kit contained five family-friendly booklets in both English and Spanish that provide practical, on-demand help. Kits contain tips to manage the disease, a treatment journal, and resource cards that identify hemophilia bruise types. The materials were designed to be compact, sturdy, and easy to transport for on-the-go use in diaper bags, purses, and backpacks.

Soon, the refreshed kits will be distributed to hemophilia treatment centers and other healthcare providers. Ultimately, the final kit details the nuances of living with hemophilia and guides patients and caregivers through this incredibly challenging journey.


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