PM360 2021 Innovative Service PatientInsights from Phreesia Life Sciences


Phreesia Life Sciences

Joyce Wang, Associate Director, Research

This year, Phreesia Life Sciences introduced PatientInsights, which enables life sciences companies to conduct fast, actionable market research at the point of care. Through practice management and electronic health record (EHR) integrations, PatientInsights leverages patient information collected on Phreesia’s intake platform during check-in to deliver customized surveys to clients’ target patient populations, including hard-to-reach patient groups who don’t typically participate in market research.

PatientInsights surveys reach patients just before their doctors’ appointments when they’re preparing to share their opinions and experiences about their health conditions or treatment. Whereas traditional market research companies use research panels that pay participants for their time, PatientInsights identifies respondents based on their chart history. This process ensures survey participants are real patients diagnosed with specific conditions, whether that’s a few dozen patients with a specific rare disease or thousands of patients managing a chronic condition. PatientInsights respondents are also more invested in survey outcomes and more likely to submit reliable data because they’re motivated to provide information that they believe might affect their future care.

In 2021, Phreesia Life Sciences has taken PatientInsights from a beta product to a complete service model. The team not only fields surveys—which have produced millions of responses this year alone—but also develops surveys based on each client’s specific needs. The team then analyzes the results and makes strategic recommendations.

In developing each customized survey, the team scales down the 30 to 40 questions typically asked in market research surveys to about 15 questions and uses Phreesia’s EHR integrations to bypass basic screening and demographic questions. This winnowing process results in better, smarter questions and resulted in a completion rate of about 80%.


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