PM360 2021 Innovative Service PROACT Rep from CMI Media Group


CMI Media Group

Jose Ferreira, Senior Vice President, Product and Innovation 

Facetime with healthcare providers has been a growing challenge, and the “new normal” created by the pandemic requires reps to prioritize digital tools that go beyond details and email. Officially launched in October 2021, PROACT™ Rep from CMI Media Group is the first and only offering allowing pharmaceutical sales reps to have full control over digital media to support promotional needs.

The offering allows users to make real-time media investment decisions for their customers through an intuitive user interface that provides actionable intelligence and a host of media sequencing options. The rep doesn’t have to be an expert in all media channels, instead they only need to know their customer and the application automatically executes based on the user’s input and insight about their customer’s needs, behaviors, and attitudes.

Here’s how it works: the rep communicates a media execution need to the home office through an easy-to-access application. The menu of multichannel media sequence options is fully customizable based on the unique needs of each brand, limiting the cases accessible to individual reps and the amount of money allocated for media investment. The rep prompt data is automatically transmitted to CMI Media Group’s PROACT™ next-action engine. It is evaluated against other media programs within the omnichannel ecosystem and rules to determine the action taken, which is developed and approved at the home office layer. Automated and turnkey media execution makes the application scalable with minimal ongoing management.

PROACT™ Rep addresses a major pain point for healthcare marketers and embraces digital opportunities like never before. Ultimately, it represents the convergence of two important trends in the healthcare marketing industry—digital first and omnichannel.


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