PM360 2021 Innovative Service MY Journey from VMS BioMarketing

MY Journey

VMS BioMarketing

Abigail Mallon, SVP, Strategic Account Management & Chief Compliance Officer

To help the biopharma industry meet patient demand for more personalized services and support, VMS BioMarketing launched MY Journey in early 2021.

As patients are prescribed therapy, they are enrolled into the manufacturers’ existing patient support program and through the MY Journey system, an individualized support journey for the patient is designed. The proprietary system helps VMS determine the right ratio of human versus automated intervention, the number of interventions, timing of each intervention, topics to be covered in each intervention, and the method of delivery for each intervention specific to the patient.

This level of personalization is informed by an intelligent algorithm, which combines data about the disease state, product type, patient population, and HCP population, with patient-specific information including preference, learning style, and an adherence risk score that is calculated using advanced predictive analytics that pulls in the patient’s demographics, psychographics, medical history, and social determinants of health.

However, knowing that a patient’s time on therapy is never static, and that needs and behaviors change throughout, MY Journey also leverages real-time patient data to make the support provided dynamic on an ongoing basis. Data sources include patient feedback and progress, patient sentiment analysis, information coming from other patient support providers, and patient-generated health data from wearables and mobile applications.

Results from a sample of patients across multiple MY Journey programs showed that 94% of patients reported adherence to their therapy and 99% said they intend to refill. Additionally, 96% reported confidence to start the prescribed therapy, with a 10% increase in confidence to manage emotional impact of condition. To cap it off, 85% found the support program more helpful compared to other therapy programs.


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