PM360 2022 Innovative Strategy Direct-to-Patient Care Model from EVERSANA

Direct-to-Patient Care Model


Contact Person:
Scott Snyder, Chief Digital Officer

While a number of technology providers had already deployed digital patient engagement and telehealth and solutions, the pharma industry was still lacking a solution that connected all the dots to address the industry’s big three challenges—access, affordability, and adherence. To change that, EVERSANA created the industry’s first and only patient-led virtual care model that leverages the power of digital technology, telehealth, patient services, specialty pharmacy, and distribution together with pharmaceutical marketing into a single platform, where drug manufacturers can now rely on one team to help drive every aspect of the patient journey.

For example, a patient goes online to search for health symptoms, and they are served an ad matching a description. Ads then point the patient to a branded website where they can find informational details and, at the click of a button, immediately schedule a virtual appointment with a healthcare provider. In a traditional model, patients trying to make an in-person appointment can take anywhere from 30 to 90 days, especially with more complex conditions. In this new model, this appointment is scheduled in 15 minutes.

Once a diagnosis is determined, the physician then prescribes a treatment, and the benefit verification and prior authorizations (if needed) are submitted electronically so the patient understands their out-of-pocket cost. The pharmacy of the patient’s choice then dispenses the medication following approval. The entire process dramatically decreases the time it takes patients to get on therapy from three to four months down to two to five days.

This model has been well received in the market, and the company has already seen strong interest from several leading pharmaceutical companies, with pilots underway to bring this approach to market.


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