PM360 2021 Innovative Product REP Select from Bionical Solutions

REP Select

Bionical Solutions

Mike Viscel, President

Social distancing mandates have significantly limited rep access to the HCP, making the delivery of critical information challenging. In April of 2020, Bionical Solutions launched a new proprietary video delivery platform called REP Select to support brands by allowing reps to continue engaging with their customers in meaningful and unique ways.

REP Select empowers pharmaceutical sales representatives, clinical nurse educators (CNEs), or medical science liaisons (MSLs) to customize, personalize, and regionalize video vignettes of themselves using a proprietary technology that can be incorporated directly into Veeva. The platform has allowed reps to introduce themselves, clinical data, and thought leaders, while continuing to communicate with HCPs in a meaningful and purposeful way.

The platform is now being used by many major pharmaceutical companies and uses the power of video to deliver key messaging. The results have proven to increase open rates, click through rates, and have led to HCPs requesting virtual or live meetings with reps. A recently launched REP Select program increased open rates by over 300%, optimizing opportunities for live and virtual details and meetings.

In addition, Bionical has developed a seamless process to schedule, manage, and capture personalized messages from each individual rep in a virtual world. The REP Select platform has been integrated into Veeva, allowing reps to have this tool as part of their everyday workflow. Since its launch, the platform has had over 95% rep utilization.


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