PM360 2020 Innovative Service PharmaDirect/ScriptHero from CoverMyMeds and RelayHealth Pharmacy Solutions


CoverMyMeds and RelayHealth Pharmacy Solutions

Angela Tavrell, PR Manager

According to the 2020 Medication Access Report, 75% of patients recall getting a prescription that costs more than they anticipated. This is largely because many patients don’t know if their medication will be covered by insurance or how much they will pay until they arrive at the pharmacy. To provide patients with more transparency into affordability options, CoverMyMeds and RelayHealth Pharmacy Solutions established PharmaDirect, offering a manufacturer-set price for all patients, to help patients access and afford their medications.

This medication access solution allows patients to review the price for their prescription offered at various pharmacies and choose which pharmacy to fill their prescription via the companies’ first solution for patients, ScriptHero. By paying for their prescription outside of insurance, patients may also avoid other insurance-related barriers such as prior authorization. For HCPs, the prescribing process remains relatively unchanged. They still prescribe through their existing workflow within their EHR, but can choose to send the prescription to ScriptHero Pharmacy. This action triggers a text to the patient from ScriptHero with a link to access their prescription and review their options. Once the patient selects their pharmacy preference, they will visit the pharmacy location and show the ScriptHero digital discount card provided to them to purchase the prescription. The discount card can continue to be applied to ensure consistent pricing for future refills.

While any patient can use ScriptHero regardless of insurance coverage, ScriptHero pricing cannot be combined with insurance benefits, including federal programs such as Medicare and Medicaid. Pharma companies can collaborate with CoverMyMeds and RelayHealth to offer PharmaDirect pricing via ScriptHero, so that patients can afford their medications at a set price every time.


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