PM360 2018 Innovative Product InCrowd Interview from InCrowd

InCrowd Interview


David Varner, Senior Director, Client Engagement

Many barriers keep market researchers from obtaining fast, reliable, quality interviews with relevant experts. Standard methods are muddied with many misaligned, disparate vendors, services, and stakeholders, all independent, requiring significant management to orchestrate project fieldwork, interviews, and analysis. The multi-layered process that comprises standard qualitative market research is one that lends itself well to mirroring by automation.

In 2017, InCrowd introduced MicroQual, a qualitative research product equipped with client support to remove some of the barriers preventing fast and efficient interviews with experts. But, in 2018 the company further advanced its qualitative research technology and released a new product. InCrowd Interview simplifies and automates qualitative research setup by centralizing the management of all key components—identifying, screening, scheduling, communicating, managing, recording, and transcribing. It puts market researchers in control. As one Vice President of Strategy at a market research organization said, “The scheduling feature alone saves me hours from each project. Just having all the details at my fingertips is also game-changing.”

Taking a complex, regulated, slow process and streamlining it, InCrowd Interview brings two anonymous people together—through one simple platform—and keeps them anonymous, maintaining compliance with applicable regulations. The platform offers access to physicians, patients, nurses, pharmacists, hospital administrators, and managed care professionals, and ensures strong participants through rigorous validation and screening. When using this approach, qualitative market researchers minimize their administrative and management demands. They also expand their ability to focus on analysis of their quickly gathered results, as well as spend their saved time on meeting revenue-generating, client needs.


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