PM360 2020 Innovative Service Connect Point 360 from Cardinal Health Sonexus Access and Patient Support

Connect Point 360

Cardinal Health Sonexus Access and Patient Support

Zulema Cardet, Sr. Consultant, Biopharma Services

When an HCP writes a prescription for a specialty therapy that requires a prior authorization, the process can sometimes take days or even weeks because of the back-and-forth phone calls and faxes between the provider’s office and the payer to confirm approval. To transform this process, Cardinal Health Sonexus Access and Patient Support created Connect Point 360, a secure, HCP office-facing portal that automates many of the reimbursement processes performed between HCPs, hubs, and payers, thus reducing the time it takes patients to get the therapy.

Instead of picking up the phone or faxing, Connect Point 360 enables many of the usual tasks to be performed online via a secure user verification process. This includes submitting electronic benefits investigations, prior authorizations, and reverifications; accessing copay savings and activating free drug vouchers; performing patient assistance program pre-screening; accessing appeal forms; and checking in on access status instantly.

Connect Point 360 puts all of the workflow processes in one place, and also allows a script to be sent to the hub from within the EHR. Independent logins for physicians and their staff allow administrators to access certain resources without needing sign-off from physicians, which helps prevent unnecessary delays. Additionally, Connect Point 360 offers a built-in secure messaging center for seamless communications and exchanging of PHI information, sending and receiving messages, and uploading files and images.

Since its launch earlier this year, biopharma customers that have deployed Connect Point 360 with HCP offices found it significantly reduces the number of calls and faxes to insurance companies. In some cases, wait times for program enrollment and benefits verification have been reduced from 7-14 days to a matter of minutes.


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