PM360 2020 Innovative Product Well, Actually from Condé Nast Health and Publicis Health Media

Well, Actually

Condé Nast Health, in partnership with Publicis Health Media

Samantha Kane, Communications & Special Projects Director

In 2020, SELF introduced it’s first-ever long-form investigative documentary video series, Well, Actually. The series addresses the societal challenge of a media environment in which misinformation runs rampant. Well, Actually provides viewers with the actual truth about critical health issues that impact them through SELF’s trusted voice.

The first episode—“The Unequal Burden of Asthma” —takes a deep dive into asthma, a condition more relevant than ever due to COVID-19. Hosted by Dr. Jessica Clemons, it explores racial health disparity patterns, including that black and brown people are up to 3x more likely to die from asthma than white people. Shot in fall 2019, it highlights real patients’ stories, exploring the many factors behind racial health disparities—such as structural racism, environmental racism, climate change, and even where someone lives. The episode delivered more than 1.5 million views in its first month.

PHM and Condé Nast Health collaborated on proprietary research, presented at Cannes, which informed the companies’ decisions to lean into this type of deep storytelling. Recognizing the importance of accurate health information and cultural relevance of this series, Condé Nast Health partnered with PHM to leverage Well, Actually to build an exclusive marketing opportunity for advertising partners as part of their Maker series. Announced at PHM’s HealthFront event, this partnership allows the companies’ clients to leverage this organic and powerful editorial series, creating awareness around public health issues that need more attention, and dispelling myths harmful to patients, caregivers, and HCPs. Well, Actually uses SELF’s scale, a targeted audience, strong message alignment, and Condé Nast’s influence to affect positive change, through the powerful medium of quality and compelling health video content.


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