PM360 2020 Innovative Product Veeva CRM Boost for Crossix DIFA from Veeva Crossix

Veeva CRM Boost for Crossix DIFA

Veeva Crossix

Jeff Davis, SVP, Business Development

This spring, Veeva announced Veeva CRM Boost for Crossix DIFA, which provides pharmaceutical brands with an integrated view of how their field force and marketing efforts work together to influence patient and HCP behavior.

While brands work to reach the same customers, most marketing and sales teams have remained siloed with limited insights into the synergies between sales and marketing. Veeva CRM Boost for DIFA addresses this challenge by integrating real-time field activity data from the industry-leading field force management solution, Veeva CRM, into the marketing analytics platform, Crossix DIFA. By overlaying brands’ CRM field activity with marketing data, pharma marketing and sales teams can now rely on one platform to understand how personal and non-personal promotion work together to drive HCP prescribing behavior.

With this new capability, brands can see how media campaigns—specifically which digital publishers and placement groups—impact HCPs who are visited by or provided samples from a field rep. Building on that, these new views can also inform marketers how effective media is at reaching patients who visit rep-engaged HCPs. In doing so, brands can more efficiently deploy their field force and marketing budget and optimize media across publishers and tactics.

Veeva CRM Boost for DIFA will continue to evolve to include data from additional CRM activities, with upcoming enhancements of Veeva Engage Meeting, events, email opens/sends, and promotional materials. Other future developments will allow brands to track further into the patient journey to see post-exposure activity.


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