PM360 2020 Innovative Product Contextual Intelligence Engine from Aktana

Contextual Intelligence Engine


Mike Weber, VP, Product

Life sciences companies are investing in AI across many areas, with commercial showing some of the most effective real-life applications. Aktana pioneered one of the first iterations of AI for life sciences commercial teams 10 years ago and has been refining it in real-world scenarios ever since. Aktana’s next-generation Contextual Intelligence Engine is the result of that experience.

Aktana’s Contextual Intelligence Engine blends machine learning, explainable AI (xAI), business logic, and advanced optimization technologies with the on-the-ground insights of its human users, whose ongoing feedback sharpens the Engine’s outputs over time. The result is a well-rounded AI solution that learns from every engagement to continuously improve the HCP experience.

The Engine mines data and insights from all sources—from prescribing habits and patient demographics to past brand interactions and field rep insights—to optimize interactions with HCPs across all channels. From webinars to virtual visits, the thousands of daily interactions between life sciences companies and HCPs provide new data points for ongoing strategy refinement and are incorporated in real time for the sales reps, brand marketers, and marketing science liaisons who trust the Engine’s insights.

The Engine provides users with next-best-action recommendations thanks to its NBA Advanced Processor, which gets smarter with every suggestion served (more than 19 million since 2018 alone). This allows the Engine to take what it knows and makes it work from one situation to another, regardless of the environment in which it was learned. For example, when COVID-19 grounded field forces, insights about the best time to engage with an HCP captured during face-to-face visits could now be used to optimize virtual engagements and interactions on digital channels.


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