PM360 2020 Innovative Product Enodatis for COVID-19 from S3 Connected Health

Enodatis for COVID-19

S3 Connected Health

John Maughan, Head of Products

In March 2020, our health system was facing unprecedented pressure as COVID-19 began to take hold in Ireland. S3 Connected Health received a call from senior respiratory clinicians at Beaumont Hospital in Dublin who urgently needed digital tools that would help them effectively treat as many COVID-19 patients as possible.

Working directly with clinicians on the frontline, S3 Connected Health designed and developed Enodatis, a clinical support tool that helps HCPs in hospitals quickly and appropriately triage COVID-19 patients using a web-based application on their smartphones. The tool provides senior respiratory team leaders with instant oversight on the condition of the patients in their care, helping focus their time on patients with the greatest needs, and optimize and forecast resource requirements

It also informs non-respiratory clinicians in the delivery of respiratory care with appropriate data and recommendations to support clinical decisions. The solution defines a novel measure of patient status called the COVID Care Index (CCI) that helps determine the recommended course of treatment based on a combination of respiratory rate, O2 delivery mechanism, and O2 saturation. Enodatis also enables early warning for adverse outcomes, as well as clear oversight of longitudinal patient outcomes and timely, high-level clinical guidance.

Enodatis is now operational in six major Irish hospitals, including Beaumont Hospital which had the largest cohort of COVID-19 patients in Ireland. The tool is already seeing tangible results, with the CCI being more strongly predictive of adverse outcomes than the NEWS (National Early Warning Score) or ROX measures. CCI can forewarn clinicians of deteriorating COVID-19 outcomes 24 hours in advance with an AUROC = 0.87, or 6 hours in advance with AUROC = 0.9.


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