PM360 2020 Innovative Product Axtria SalesIQ™ Multichannel Call Planning Capability from Axtria Inc.

Axtria SalesIQ™ Multichannel Call Planning Capability

Axtria Inc.

Vandana Singh, Principal, Commercial Excellence

Smitha Murthy, Senior Director, R&D

The rise of digital technologies to enable multichannel growth has revolutionized the pharmaceutical commercial model. Through digital technologies, pharmaceutical marketing teams have focused on improving the customer experience by understanding channel preferences and providing the right message to the right customer using the right channel in the right sequence.

When COVID-19 brought about social contact restrictions, sales reps who had primarily relied on face-to-face customer engagements now found themselves leveraging multiple channels such as eDetailing, phone, email, and virtual speaker programs. To maximize sales results, they needed to understand the most optimal way to reach their customers using the right mix of channels.

Axtria responded to this need by building a multichannel call plan generation capability as part of its sales planning and operations product suite, Axtria SalesIQ. The new platform leverages the power of analytics to optimize product and channel mix for each customer while individually balancing the workload for sales reps.

The proprietary algorithm takes many factors into account—each channel’s effectiveness, customer preference, customer accessibility, desired product/message mix, and time taken for each engagement type. The output is a multichannel call plan that guides the reps on the best way to engage with their customers.

Furthermore, this capability is integrated within the other offerings part of Axtria SalesIQ’s suite, including segmentation and targeting, alignment and rostering, call plan refinement, and incentive compensation. All of this integrates into the CRM system, bringing end-to-end automation and efficiency in commercial planning and operations. Ultimately, this analytics-based guidance helps companies to expand customer reach and maximize sales while reducing costs.


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