PM360 2019 Innovative Division Valuate Health Consultancy of Omnicom Health Group

Valuate Health Consultancy

Omnicom Health Group

Dina Steinfurth, Managing Director

Valuate Health Consultancy launched in 2019 as part of Omnicom Health Group, the largest healthcare communications network in the world that specializes in every area of health, medicine, and wellness. Valuate is unique as it focuses on optimizing market access and value strategy in the healthcare industry.

This consulting practice combines deep market access and reimbursement expertise with industry-leading analytics to demonstrate product value to healthcare stakeholders. An extensive market access KOL network and innovative research methods inform a strategic approach to access and reimbursement. This team of former payers and PBM executives, biopharma market access executives, pharmacists, data scientists, and business strategists work together to solve market access challenges. Since launch, Valuate has been building out its Market Access Optimization product line and service.

Services provided include helping life sciences companies to evaluate reimbursement potential for new assets, design and translate health economics evidence, develop and validate product value platforms, respond to health policy changes, understand and support organizational customers, and formulate strategies to ensure products can break through market access barriers to effectively reach patients.

While creating a new offering under the umbrella of a well-known holding company brings challenges, including changing clients’ perspectives about the company, Valuate is off to a strong start. By bringing new questions and innovative solution-focused thinking to the conversation, this new division has been able to successfully reshape how clients think about their business challenges. And since launch, Valuate has achieved a 90%-win rate on request for proposals (RFPs) and has added seven new clients to its roster this year.


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