PM360 2019 Innovative Division Syneos One of Syneos Health

Syneos One

Syneos Health

Jim Featherstone, Executive Vice President, Syneos One

Traditional product development models are being redefined by new market realities, transforming the way biopharmaceutical companies need to do business. Modern market realities demand an alternative approach, and with that in mind Syneos Health developed Syneos One, a fully integrated, insights-driven product development methodology that provides a unique combination of asset strategy and execution to maximize value from early concept through to commercialization.

Syneos One is the only product development partner fully integrated across clinical and commercial disciplines, able to maximize asset value by reducing risk, speeding time to market, and increasing operational efficiency. This division, which launched in January 2019, offers clients one synergistic team that translates real world data-driven insights into clinical strategy to design high-performing studies and stronger evidence packages. The team then maximizes the integration of clinical learnings into the commercial model, strengthening the case for adoption and more precisely targeting launch strategies that speed peak brand performance. By deploying this unique methodology, Syneos One accelerates asset development efforts by reducing risk and protecting the independence of early innovators.

For example, Syneos One recently applied agile innovation to re-think a data-driven feasibility approach for a sponsor, adding vital real-world commercial insights including local medical subject matter experts, Clinical Research Associates, Medical Science Liaisons, commercial sales reps, and other sources. This approach evolved the clinical strategy and recruitment approach, greatly increasing the asset’s probability of success. And now the approach has been deployed more broadly across the partnership as a best practice. In another example, Syneos One consultations increased rates of hard-to-recruit patient accrual for clinical trials, reducing time to full enrolment by 17% in a recent Alzheimer’s disease study.


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