PM360 2019 Innovative Product CongressVision from Heartbeat



David Sakadelis, VP, Head of Technology

The standard conference booth experience rarely changes. Status quo touchscreen presentations and free coffee lounges, occasionally mixed with an over-the-top VR game or animatronic projection mapped robot—holistic innovation in this area has been slow and uninspired. Meanwhile, advances in technologies such as machine learning and AI are leading to improvements in how we empower digital tactics to recognize and address our audience in a more personalized, human-like way. So, why not leverage these same technologies to create a more engaging and personalized experience in conference and congress settings?

Heartbeat’s solution, CongressVision, is an innovative use of computer vision—a technology rooted in machine learning and AI—to drive dynamic attendee experiences. It uses these advanced technologies with the power of digital intelligence to 1) monitor booth goers; 2) analyze their visual responses in order to derive individual performance and engagement metrics; and 3) dynamically adjust booth experiences in real-time, thus creating a two-way interaction without the need for screen touches or booth staff interference. And all of this is done while maintaining the privacy of the audience, as the system is designed to only store data necessary for decision support and performance reporting, without holding onto any visual/attendee appearance imagery from the events.

More simply put, as users engage with content within conference booths, CongressVision measures their micro-expressions and determines sentiment or emotional response. A positive response drives the narrative forward, while a negative response adjusts the content accordingly and an alternative path forward is presented. The two-way exchange between user and content generates a steady stream of information that makes the system smarter over time and results in a deeper, more human-like interaction that drives longer engagement.


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