PM360 2019 Trailblazer Awards Point of Care Winner GSK, Rx EDGE Media Network, and Grey

Tdap Vaccine Awareness Campaign (GSK, Rx EDGE Media Network, Grey)

Whooping cough is not something most adults know a lot about, but it is important that they do. This infection, which starts as a tiny cough, can have severe repercussions. It is highly contagious and infants too young to be vaccinated are at a particular and serious risk.

To create public literacy about the dangers of whooping cough, Rx EDGE Media Network initiated a point of care program designed to raise awareness of the condition and educate the public with practical information, including the specific dangers to children; how the disease is spread; and its symptoms.

Rx EDGE’s point of care strategy targeted adults aged 50 years and over who were seeking healthcare products in community pharmacy aisles. Consumers could also consult pharmacists who provide the vaccine. Rx EDGE prominently placed an unbranded Media Display information dispenser, with take-home booklets, in the vitamin section of more than 3,800 pharmacies. The displays were strategically located near Centrum Silver vitamins to attract a significant number of older customers.

To grab reader’s attention, Grey’s creatives came up with an arresting headline: “Are you afraid of the big bad cough?” The graphic shows a “big, bad wolf” holding a baby, with the tagline: “You would never put your family at risk,” underscoring the critical nature of the message and suggesting that people “Talk with their pharmacists about getting vaccinated today,” encouraging immediate action.

Test vs. control store panels were used to measure the campaign’s effectiveness with panels statistically matched based on such factors as media exposure, store size, and historic script volume. Rx EDGE Media Displays were placed in test panel stores, and the analysis—conducted by Retail Intelligence, Inc.—looked at the relative change in script volume and share of category.

The result: The Rx EDGE program was a great success across all fronts, increasing Tdap vs. control during the promotion period at a very cost-effective ROI of $5.66:$1.00.


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