PM360 2018 Innovative Service Heartbeat Connected Patient Service from Heartbeat

Heartbeat Connected Patient Service


Hudson Plumb, SVP, Strategy | EHR & Outcomes Optimization

Pharma companies have long struggled to develop effective patient support, CRM, and adherence programs only to watch in dismay when they under-perform. To meet this challenge, Heartbeat developed a unique Connected Patient Service that not only addresses the adherence problem, but provides holistic support to increase patient activation from the exam room to the living room—keeping patients and doctors connected to dramatically improve patient outcomes.

The Heartbeat Connected Patient Service starts with enrollment in the very tool that doctors use an average of four hours per day and rely on to manage every aspect of patient care—the EHR. The process uses a simple form that collects the patient’s mobile number and verbal consent, and, importantly, comes with the imprimatur of the doctor and care team.

To craft an interface that anyone from eight to 80 can use, the Heartbeat team utilized the one interface that is universal to everyone—conversation. Using chat or voice, a friendly virtual assistant engages with the patient daily to collect meaningful information, and to provide education, rewards, and handoffs to “warm contacts” (live humans) when needed.

The final, crucial component of the Heartbeat Connected Patient Service is built-in connectivity from their platform directly to the doctor’s EHR. The service collects Patient Reported Outcomes (PRO) and Real-World Data (RWD) and transmits both seamlessly to the doctor via their EHR to use in the next visit, or to act on sooner if red flags alert a special care team about a problem that needs immediate attention.

The result of these integrated tools is a fully functioning, EHR-empowered, Connected Patient Service that extends the Point-of-Care to (quite literally) everywhere and wholly reshapes the ways patients and doctors communicate. Heartbeat delivers the channel, the platform, and the opportunity to bring the next wave of innovation to a connected service for patients.


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