PM360 2018 Innovative Service ExpressCoverage from RxCrossroads by McKesson


RxCrossroads by McKesson

Business Development:

ExpressCoverage™ is a new and powerful patient support platform that integrates CoverMyMeds’ electronic Prior Authorization (ePA) technology with RxCrossroads by McKesson’s broad spectrum of high-touch biopharma-sponsored services to help physicians and patients better navigate the complexities of a specialty therapy journey.

Utilization of specialty therapies to treat patients with complex conditions in the areas of oncology, rheumatology, and neurology is rapidly increasing and often poses significant access and affordability challenges for patients. To help patients avoid delays in starting treatment, benefit investigation and prior authorizations (PA) are critical tasks required to ensure patients have access to the treatments they need. These processes impact approximately 300 million prescriptions each year, with a 36% abandon rate. ExpressCoverage was created to help patients benefit from a seamless support system that improves access to medications, supports adherence, and reduces prescription abandonment, ultimately resulting in better care delivery and superior patient outcomes.

ExpressCoverage leverages a universal ePA platform to provide drug-specific coverage information in real-time, with the ability to reach and assist 80% of patient prescriptions processed in the U.S. today. This technology delivers fewer PA fallouts at critical access and adherence points at every step of the patient prescription journey. By helping to process prior authorizations more efficiently than traditional, manual methods, ExpressCoverage aims to ensure that a patient is able to remain adherent to their prescribed medication without exhausting copay benefits prematurely due to unnecessary claim denials.

This all results in increased speed to therapy, reduced patient abandonment, increased payment of rejected claims with PA assistance, and fewer patient fallout points. ExpressCoverage’s unique blend of technology, industry collaborations, and innovation that supports connectivity to EHR and pharmacy dispensing systems provides a comprehensive digital solution that allows users to complete these activities for all drugs on the market in a single place, the same way every time.


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