PM360 2018 Innovative Product Pulse from InTouchMD



Adam Wertheimer, VP of Partnerships

Many life science companies are frustrated by the inefficiencies and challenges of growing and maintaining a brand. Healthcare providers and patients are also interested in having a more personalized dialogue with a brand which allows for best practice decisions. In response to the problems in the market, InTouchMD created Pulse, a cloud-based platform that combines marketing automation and healthcare CRM in order to ensure marketing messages are personal based on a unique predictive behavior model.

Pulse also gives clients a vivid 360° real-time view of their targets, including details about how they’ve engaged along their digital journey and their prescribing patterns. The platform also utilizes a proprietary “best time” email technology that monitors and analyzes a provider’s email behavior which by doing so has the ability to significantly increase engagement. With Pulse-powered messaging, clients have seen an increase of over 260% on clicks and 50% on engagement.

Other Pulse features include a comprehensive dashboard, digital personas, hyper-segmented database, lead scoring and tracking, and multichannel engagement. The InTouchMD team can handle all deployments internally but can also collaborate with each client to maximize the efficiency of every marketing dollar.

Recently, InTouchMD partnered with a client to recruit healthcare professionals to attend a launch event in New York City. Given industry standard for email outreach is 1% to 2% engagement, expectations were low. Pulse, however, due to the implementation of the “best time technology” was able to elevate engagement to 20% of the targeted list and help create an event that exceeded expectations with a 12% attendance rate.


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