PM360 2022 Innovative Product MX# Identity Resolution from Medicx Health

MX# Identity Resolution

Medicx Health

Contact Person:
Chad Gottfrid, Chief Revenue Officer

Consumers have become more aware of their lack of online privacy. They are demonstrating their knowledge by demanding the right to limit how they are tracked. With the ability to opt out of tracking, the advertising market is responding with innovation and identity resolution technology is evolving.

Enter the Medicx Health solution: for two years the digital marketing experts have been testing the use of multiple identifiers on their Micro-Neighborhood® Targeting, consumer and HCP targeting, and campaign measurement platforms, as well as general use by clients for their own internal platforms, to help create a solution that checks all the boxes for healthcare marketers. The technology, MX#, was developed using industry-proven integrated data sources and a patented and time-tested IP address-based technology being leveraged by over 120 pharmaceutical brands in their programmatic and omnichannel programs. MX# works by connecting multiple deterministic identifiers in a privacy-compliant method. This approach completely eliminates the need for cookie dependencies and when tested against UID2, results in significantly higher scale and match rates when connecting the Micro-Neighborhood audiences and other audiences to online consumers.

As a result, MX# has seen 62% gains in post-campaign exposure match rates to patient-level tokens that will increase sample sizes and provide strong statistical confidence in Medicx’ performance measurement software. Medicx differs from others finding cookieless solutions because they focus on offering a significant improvement in reach and resolution to high-value patients, including those with rare diseases and cancers, which creates larger pools for enhanced performance measurement, audience quality, script lift analysis, and ROI confidence.


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