PM360 2018 Innovative Division Health System Marketing of Benchworks

Health System Marketing


Lisa Wolfington, Director, Health System Marketing

Lisa Wolfington, Director, Health System Marketing

Emerging technologies are poised to rapidly change the way hospitals and health systems operate. These new technologies help improve the patient experience and quality of care, grow services, and support population health initiatives, ultimately creating more efficient and consumer-friendly healthcare organizations. In addition to improving care, they also help hospitals and health systems save lives and dollars.

Programs that help providers manage the transition of care, such as PatientCare Rx, are dramatically reducing 30-day readmission rates, which improves quality and patient outcomes. Another area gaining traction involves platforms such as FinPay, which identifies patients who may need assistance paying their medical bills. These patients receive financial education, have their hospital or surgery bill fully explained to them, and are offered affordable payment plans. Most importantly, the last touchpoint patients have with the hospital is not about the bill, but about their care.

These technologies, along with digital marketing initiatives, must be selected carefully and deployed appropriately. This is where Benchworks’ Health System Marketing division, launched earlier this year, can be of assistance. Benchworks helps organizations navigate the growing maze of tech solutions to determine the most relevant and effective tools for a particular hospital or health system, based on its needs and patient population. The division is led by Lisa Wolfington, who has more than 20 years of experience in healthcare marketing, communications, and public affairs for hospitals and health systems across the Mid-Atlantic region.

Identifying and integrating the right technology solutions can help an organization simplify the patient journey, and more precisely target and engage customers using their most trusted communication preferences. Ultimately, wider use of technology will ensure a seamless patient experience, add value to a company’s brand, and increase patient loyalty.


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