PM360 2018 Innovative Division Life Sciences Group of LevLane

Life Sciences Group


Timmy Garde, Chief Innovation Leader

The LevLane Life Sciences team is all about who loves ya.

LevLane’s tagline, “Who Loves Ya?” is also the core strategy at the heart of the agency’s innovation. Its life sciences group is focused on evolving the best marketing strategies to better connect the ever-changing healthcare consumers with the evolving brands now populating this industry. The goal is to create something that is both enduring and so deeply connected that it moves with consumers as markets evolve.

The division also focuses on creating omnichannel experience for healthcare consumers in extremely unique and new categories including genetic testing for mental health as well as health and wellness, medical cannabis, and Medicare Advantage Plans. And within these markets they work to give consumers reasons to love a brand, not reasons to believe the brand’s claim.

For example, in the complicated medical cannabis market with multiple strains, dosage forms, limited patient education, and new information almost daily, the group built a “helping” brand to guide consumers in navigating the complicated journey in this burgeoning market. This approach shows the brand cares enough to help consumers while at the same time it respects their time by meeting them where they are and educating them on the myriad of options. Meanwhile, in the Medicare Advantage Plans space, the company helped an upstart plan enter into new metro markets by boldly proclaiming the reasons why and how the brand loved its customers while clearly defining the complexity of Medicare Plans to an audience that is overwhelmed with information in both traditional and emerging channels.

LevLane’s “brand love and understanding” approach was built on the premise that deep brand connections drive success, and in emerging markets these connections are the key to drive successful outcomes for both the brands and healthcare consumers.


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