Keep the Celebrations Going with Sparkling Wines!

New Year’s Day is close at hand as I write this column—and there’s every reason to enjoy the sparkling wines that wonderful season inspires. So, in the past month I made it my mission to seek out reasonably priced sparkling wines to extend your holiday celebrations. I used the criteria of a price of $15-$30 per bottle, and a 90+ point review from a respected wine magazine. I tried six, and this column reviews the top three wines I tasted.

As with every other bottle of wine one tastes, the subjective biases of the taster affects the review. I definitely have my preferences, and they are shamelessly reflected in these notes. I can, however, say that each of these three wines are reasonably priced and would be a wine I would be pleased to share with anyone during a celebration.

Schramsberg Mirabelle Brut ($26.99)

I have always enjoyed the wines from California’s Schramsberg, and Mirabelle is no exception. I’m a sucker for the flavors of citrus in a wine, and Mirabelle has a hint of apple and tangerines. Well chilled, it’s incredibly refreshing with a pleasant finish. 90 Points from the Wine Advocate.

Villa Marcello Prosecco 2015 ($16.99)

Too much focus gets put upon French champagnes, and their price point is therefore elevated. In this search, I deliberately avoided French sparkling wines in favor of their American, Spanish, and Italian brethren. Villa Marcello was a wonderful representative for Italian proseccos, with a fresh opening flavor, a hint of peach and lemon (love that citrus!), and a nice finish. 87 Points from the Wine Spectator.

Gramona Cava Imperial 2011 ($26.99)

This Spanish wine, a 2011 vintage, opens with a lot of zest, and has a really nice hint of apples as the flavors open up. Perhaps reflective of its age, the wine has an exceptionally smooth finish with a pleasant aftertaste. 90 Points from the Wine Advocate.

  • Jay Carter

    Jay Carter is Senior VP and Director of Strategy Services for AbelsonTaylor. Jay has worked for 31 years in the medical advertising industry, the last 28 at AbelsonTaylor. He’s had the pleasure of working with some of the finest minds (and hearts) in pharma. Along the way, he’s developed a passion for championing health brands to clinicians and consumers, and championing the medical advertising industry as a worthwhile career.


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