The Most Unique Jobs in the USA

If you are like most of Americans, you’ll spend a majority of your time working for a living. But if you’re looking for a career switch and haven’t yet found your passion, maybe it’s because you haven’t heard of these unique, and sometimes odd, jobs.

Dog Surfing Instructor: If you love spending your time in the California surf and working with furry friends, this could be the job for you. Many of California’s well-paid residents want to surf alongside their doggy pals and will pay you good money to train them.

Bounty Hunter: Want an exciting freelance gig? Then head to Alabama to register as a bounty hunter. Not only is bounty hunting legal in this state, but very few requirements are needed to get the job. Though it’s recommended you take criminal justice courses and get physically prepared through boot camp. To receive a license, you’ll only need to prove that you are 18 years old, live in Alabama, and have not committed any felonies.

Chicken Sexer: If you love a good chicken dinner, you may not want this job. A chicken sexer works at large commercial farms or hatcheries sorting thousands of male and female chicks. Why is it necessary to split the cute fluff balls? Simply because farms take care of roosters and hens separately, as they have different dietary and lifestyle needs.

Flavorist: This is a good one for chemical engineers who are tired of their research. A flavorist needs a degree in chemistry or biology to blend oils, plant extracts, natural and artificial flavorings, as well as other chemicals to produce specific tastes in a number of different products. Besides food, flavorists are needed for lip balm, lotion, gum, medicine, and more.

Golf Ball Diver: Have your scuba diving license? Want to use it for more than summer vacations? Golf ball divers work in darkness, searching for small golf balls along muddy lake bottoms. They have to be ready for anything, just like any diver, and this includes snakes, fish, and other dangerous scenarios. Golf ball recycling companies usually pay by balls collected, so in this industry you can be sure that the better you get, the more you get paid!

Pet Acupuncturist: This is another interesting career for animal lovers looking for something new. Just as humans do, pets can receive acupuncture therapy for a number of musculoskeletal, skin, gastrointestinal, and respiratory conditions. Pet acupuncturists are able to work with a variety of pets from mice to horses, and every creature in between.

Forensic Cleaner: If you’ve ever watched an episode of “Law & Order” and wondered who cleans up the crime scene after the hero has taken their evidence, know that it could be you! In most states, you don’t need a degree to be a forensic cleaner—you need a certificate, attention to detail, and a strong stomach. This job is only for a compassionate individual with admittedly morbid tastes.


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