Elements of Digital Application Hits Market

The Cadient Group introduces Elements of Digital, a new app specializing in brand planning and geared toward developers and creators. The company claims it may become a practical reference tool that will allow marketers to recognize how to harness their brand. Additional components allow users to organize and sort elements by name and view their importance within the web, mobile and social media.

Symphony Health Solutions Files Antitrust Lawsuit

Symphony Health Solutions filed suit against IMS Health, claiming alleged engagement with anti-competitive activity—a violation of the Sherman Antitrust Act. Frank Lavelle, CEO of Symphony Health Solutions alleges that IMS Health systematically engaged in a “pattern of behavior with customers…to maintain, extend, and create new monopolies in the [pharmaceutical] markets.” Symphony Health Solutions and the larger IMS Health are the only viable competitors who offer pharmaceutical data products.

Veeva Launches Vault Investigator Portal

The new Veeva Vault Investigator Portal streamlines the trial document management process, making it a single source for sponsors to submit and receive documents, including safety alerts and site training videos. As a companion product to Vault eTMF, the company states that sponsors and CROs will benefit from improved document tracking as well as a more simplified overall trial document management process.

YouTube Gets Facelift in Consumer Branding

YouTube recently changed its format to a new, user-friendly design called, YouTube One Channel. With this visual change, the site claims there will be a 20% increase in page views, and encourages new users to brand their image by personalizing pages with a customized banner. R2integrated, the digital marketing and technology agency, claims that by using YouTube One Channel users can promote brands by allowing audiences to access information by all electronic formats.

Cambia Health Solution Collaborates with GNS Healthcare

Cambia Health Solution is collaborating with GNS Healthcare’s REFS modeling framework to study Medical Adherence, a platform model that helps gauge the clinical cost outcomes from leading health plans. The company claims that by using real-world data, they can predict and improve the outcomes of healthcare members by “highly individualized, data-driven, and evidence-based innovations” and prevent adverse outcomes.

Mylan Releases Generic Version of Pfizer’s Viagra in Europe

Mylan, the world’s leading generic pharmaceutical company, launched the generic version of Pfizer’s Viagra, a treatment for erectile dysfunction, in 11 European countries. Sildenafil Citrate Tablets in up to 100 mg dosages are now available in France, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Italy, Belgium, Slovakia, Denmark, Czech Republic, Spain and the Netherlands.

H.D. Smith Acquires Triplefin

Pharmaceutical wholesaler H.D. Smith acquired Triplefin, a Cincinnati-based company specializing in reimbursement and pharmaceutical brand-support services. The integration of both companies allows for support and distribution of prescription medicine, and specialty brand and traditional pharmaceutical support.

Amgen Awards Nine Science Teachers

Amgen, a biotech company that manufactures therapeutic medicines, presented its Amgen Award for Science Teaching Excellence (AASTE) to nine science teachers from the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico. In addition to an unrestricted $5,000 cash award, teachers are granted an additional $5,000 to fund school science programs and resources. Amgen honors science teachers based on effective teaching skills.


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