EVERSANA and Amazon Web Services Introduce Transformative Medical & Regulatory Review AI Solution

Logo for EVERSANA, which introduced new AI tool

Building on a promise to “pharmatize” artificial intelligence (AI) across the life sciences sector, EVERSANA®, a leading provider of commercial services to the global life sciences industry, today announced the first of several new generative AI-based innovations on Amazon Web Services (AWS) to drive greater efficiency and business value for companies and ultimately improved patient outcomes.

The first solution, developed by EVERSANA leveraging AWS and AWS Partner TensorIoT, addresses a time-consuming and error-prone process in the industry—medical and regulatory content approvals.

The traditional way that brands and marketing teams ensure the accuracy and compliance of claims included in branded materials is critical but cumbersome, requiring significant investment in resources and time. The complexity of this process across healthcare is a primary barrier to delivering personalized and timely customer experiences.

The new offering from EVERSANA automates the content fact-checking and approval portion of the process leveraging generative AI and Natural Language Processing (NLP) services from AWS. Using Amazon Bedrock and Amazon Textract, disparate datasets are aggregated and tagged, reducing time and effort throughout the process while providing an accurate and expedited user experience.

“Pharmatizing AI in the life sciences industry is about leveraging technology to optimize and accelerate common processes that are desperate for innovation and transformation,” said Jim Lang, CEO, EVERSANA. “As we came together with AWS, it became clear we could make a real impact in the medical and regulatory review process for branded materials. The team has done amazing work in short order to bring a solution to our industry that will bring unmatched accuracy and speed and ultimately, benefit patients.”

The new offering is the first of several new EVERSANA solutions in development leveraging AWS. Other projects underway include:

  • Field and patient assistance solutions, like chatbots, to automate mundane tasks, provide more accurate responses and improve user experiences.
  • Disease and product education content generation and personalization services, to help life sciences brands improve engagement with and education for both HCPs and patients.

Leaders from AWS and EVERSANA will be at the AWS re:Invent Conference, November 27-30, 2023, in Las Vegas.