ELITE Entrepreneur Sundeep Bhan of Prognos

Sundeep Bhan

Co-founder and CEO


A Knack for Innovation

Prognos Co-founder and CEO Sundeep Bhan has always seen the world differently. Perhaps this is due to his worldview, which is grounded in an analytical approach to problem solving but tempered with a unique understanding of people development, especially as it relates to building organizations and breaking new ground in product development.

Sundeep, in a 15-year career as a healthcare leader, has a knack for building both companies and high-performance organizations. He is adept at creating solutions to problems invisible to others, and pulling together the skillsets that comprise a management team built for executing the launch of new solutions.

Sundeep’s most recent company, Prognos, utilizes advanced analytics and AI capabilities to enhance the value of laboratory results and clinical diagnostic data. As a result, life sciences, payers, and clinical diagnostics organizations are empowered to track and predict disease earlier.

The first to recognize that data and analytics would drive a transformation in healthcare and patient wellness programs, Sundeep understood over 70% of healthcare decisions are made based on clinical diagnostics information—yet this was going unnoticed and underutilized by companies.

At Prognos, Sundeep leads the organization with a focus on tracking and predicting disease the earliest to improve health. This approach requires three core assets: Computational power, a large dataset, and the right learning algorithms. (Venture-backed Prognos has raised about $23 million, including significant investments by Merck and Safeguard Scientific.)

Today, Prognos works with 20 pharmaceutical companies, 29 brands, and three payers. The company’s talented data scientists developed learning algorithms that enable targeted mapping of patients along a patient journey—from identifying those at high risk, to new diagnoses, to those not responding to care. This kind of offering has given Prognos its latest growth strategy: Moving deeper into healthcare and establishing new business with the payer community.

Sundeep has been recognized as one of the “Top 5 Under 35” at the “Outstanding 50 Asian Americans in Business” awards, a three-time finalist for the Ernst and Young “Entrepreneur of the Year” award, and a 2012 NYC Venture Fellow. He serves on advisory boards for Consonance Capital, eLabNYC, and KNB Communications, Inc.


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