ELITE Entrepreneur Matthew Schecter of The Lockwood Group

Matthew Schecter

President & CEO

The Lockwood Group


Putting People First

What makes Matt Schecter different than other entrepreneurs in the promotional medical education industry? He puts the needs of his clients over his bottom line, for one. Matt founded The Lockwood Group 10 years ago and built his agency from the ground up in a manner unlike anyone in the industry. Matt’s workforce, for instance, is more than 60% remote. With employees now in 19 states, he adds more states each year as his agency exceeds even his own expectations—realizing 40% revenue growth year over year since its inception in 2007.

Capitalizing on the industry’s unmet need, Matt provides clients with an experienced and talented scientific staff. He understands that one of the most important client expectations when choosing to partner with an agency is that it has strong, scientific resources dedicated to their business needs. And Matt employs one of the largest full-time scientific staffs in the industry.

Although the promotional medical education industry has undergone many changes in the past decade, Matt possesses a sixth sense for what will work. He’s risked everything by taking a different approach: Doing the opposite of his competitors. When it comes to his team, Matt can be hands-on, and personally sees to it that they are correctly resourced. He always ensures that Lockwood invests in its people—not only in terms of resourcing—but from a skill set perspective as well.

Lockwood also invests in continued team development with an annual three-day offsite year beginning meeting (YBM). The YBM is a way for new and veteran team members to become immersed in Lockwood’s culture, while continuing to learn from outside speakers and colleagues alike.

His encouragement, and genuine caring for his team, also reaps huge rewards: 10 years of double-digit growth and profitability and some of the lowest employee turn-over in the industry. And for the past three years, The Lockwood Group was selected as one of the top 10 places to work in Connecticut by the Hartford Business Journal—and in 2017, ranked as #2 in the state.


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