ELITE Entrepreneur Mark Heinold of PDR, LLC

Mark Heinold

Chief Executive Officer





Building the Largest Patient-Provider Communications Network

Entrepreneurial spirit and a knack for setting trends in the healthcare space seem to come naturally to Mark Heinold, currently the CEO of PDR, LLC, the company renowned for its legacy Physician’s Desk Reference®. And exactly how Mark came to be CEO of this company is a story of continual innovation.

Initially leading the LDM Group, Mark, as CEO, set the standard in marketing and commercial messaging to physicians, pharmacists and patients in an all-out effort to address the problem of patient treatment adherence and meet education needs during a time of great change in the pharmaceutical industry—while the EMR/EHR space was still very young. One of Mark’s flagship innovative products was CarePoints, a patient-messaging system delivering personalized messages through pharmacists to patients as they come in to pick up prescriptions.

LDM grew to become a leading provider of behavior-based prescription management programs. But Mark’s uncanny creative and business sense—and his insistent desire to tackle the problems of adherence—led him to a larger opportunity in 2014, when LDM merged with PDR Network. Together, both companies now have become the single largest aggregated network of patient-provider communications. In fact, the combined networks will reach over 250,000 prescribers within their EHR workflows, and an additional 800,000 prescribers engaged through multichannel digital outreach—not to mention a network of 18,000 retail pharmacies.

“PDR was primarily focused on messaging to physicians around regulatory requirements, while LDM functioned differently, as we did more messaging to physicians, pharmacists and patients,” Mark explains. “Together, we have a much broader reach and are able to take our services full circle—from compliance to commercial and to regulatory.”

During Mark’s short time at PDR’s helm, he has already directed the development of tools that will arm providers with key information that may assist patients in adherence—and found a way to unite providers, patients and pharmacists under the banner of a patient-provider network.


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