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Jeff Meehan


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The Instinctive Innovator

Even in the early days of his career at Schering-Plough, Jeff Meehan always displayed an entrepreneurial spirit and overwhelming quench to innovate. He was one of the first, and few, to move from the clinical trials side of the business to the sales and marketing organization. But even that couldn’t satisfy his thirst for discovering better methodologies and technologies to improve how the industry operates. So when Jeff left Big Pharma in 2000 to start his own company, it wasn’t a surprise—it was inevitable.

His first venture was Strategic Edge Communications (SEC), responsible for the promotional medical education efforts of countless brands including some notable brands like Temodar, Nexavar and Cialis. But he realized the path to the future was the integration of real-time patient level data with a portal directly tied to a provider’s practice, so he sold his companies to MDOL, Inc. and began truly innovating.

First, he developed the Instinctive Data platform, which, according to Andrew J. Watson, Associate Vice President, Sales & Marketing at Wockhardt USA, “entirely changed the lens through which pharma evaluated non-personal promotion.” Then he invented and developed vRep, which completely reshaped the traditional sales model and allowed a sales rep to connect with a physician face-to-face over an iPad.

But it is clear that Jeff is nowhere close to finished transforming this industry. His latest venture is Cancer Action Now, Inc., a first of its kind, virtual education company that uses its iCAN platform to connect, educate, comfort and empower cancer patients from around the globe at a point when their need is greatest.

“Jeff Meehan has proven through his past that he has the courage and ability to shape the future,” offers Jennifer Harmon, VP, Account Services, Pharma HEALTH Labs. “Not many can equal his drive, passion or vision. I’ve yet to come across anyone quite like Jeff Meehan.”


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