ELITE Data Miner Asaf Evenhaim of Crossix Solutions

Asaf Evenhaim

Co-founder and CEO

Crossix Solutions



The Analytics Visionary

When Asaf Evenhaim co-founded Crossix in 2004 he had an ambitious mission: To position the company as the leader in providing innovative and consumer-focused data analytics solutions for the healthcare industry.

By continually transforming how analytics are used by pharmaceutical, healthcare and media companies for more than 10 years, Crossix is fulfilling Asaf’s original vision. A powerful, privacy-safe analytics platform that connects campaign data to actual health data (Rx, OTC, medical claims and EHR), Crossix is devoted to helping its clients drive better business and patient outcomes. The company empowers clients to make meaningful connections between different types of data and delivers actionable insights to inform campaign optimization. Moreover, Crossix gives clients proven tools to better predict, target and understand audiences, measure sales lift and maximize ROI.

With an insatiable passion for analytics and more than 20 years of experience in the healthcare industry, Asaf has always been committed to developing cutting edge solutions. Prior to Crossix, Asaf co-founded SoftWatch, a provider of healthcare CRM Internet solutions and became the company’s president. He also served as acting CEO for Dietwatch.com, an online subscription weight loss company. With Crossix, he has thoughtfully guided the company to penetrate top-tier pharmaceutical companies in a manner consistent with high performance and integrity. Asaf is also involved in The Point of Care Communication Council (PoC3), the PoC3’s “Research: Measurement/Impact” committee and the National Council for Prescription Drug Programs.

“Asaf is a true pioneer in healthcare analytics,” says Faruk Capan, CEO, Intouch Solutions. “He recognized the importance of Big Data long ago, and he has built a successful company that provides a very valuable service to our industry.”


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