Malcolm Bohm

President & CEO

Liquid Grids Inc.




Delivering True Social ROI

When healthcare consumers took to social media to find, share and discuss health experiences and opportunities—some in the industry may have been surprised. But not Malcolm Bohm—he saw it coming. And he knew eventually healthcare companies would love to be the fly on the wall during these social media conversations.

In late 2010, Malcolm started Swarmology, now Liquid Grids, because he wanted to be ready when companies came calling for his insights and skills. By early 2011, he developed a prototype that proved his hypothesis—social media was a hotbed of relevant, publicly available, health-related dialogue. And Malcolm quickly learned that healthcare consumers essentially see their peers as the experts—85% of patients feel that social media plays a role in decisions they make about healthcare. But at the time, that “expert” data was spread across the web, and Malcolm wanted to get it all into a single place—one that would allow healthcare companies to better engage with patients.

To do that, Malcolm took data mining to a new level. Instead of using one piece of information to target a large, general group of people with one symptom, he developed a proprietary technology that houses, aggregates, organizes and analyzes a multitude of proprietary disease indexes, culled from the perspectives of one billion posts by more than 125 million unique users. Taking that further, he could divide the data into disease-specific Grids, which can be used as actionable insights to develop and launch highly contextual, credible, compliant and precisely targeted digital marketing campaigns—directed only at the healthcare consumers who are most likely to take action.

But now, nearly five years later, Malcolm is still innovating. Today, in addition to licensing his Grid technology to advertising agencies and pharmaceutical companies, his company also offers a lead generation service and develops cross-platform digital healthcare surveys, which offer instant results. One client, for example, wanted 100 completed surveys, with 50 opted-in users. Six days later, they received 519 unique clicks to the survey, with 233 surveys completed and 183 total opt-ins.

Quite simply, with all Liquid Grids offers, Malcolm can deliver solutions with quantifiable and consistent ROI using the social web—something that no one really saw coming.


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