Manish Sood

Founder and CEO

Reltio, Inc.




Bridging the Gap Between IT and Business

When Manish Sood proposed his idea for Reltio, a company that would break down the barriers between IT and frontline business users—no one was willing to back him. Yet Manish wanted to create a company that would consumerize IT by building on the same type of Big Data and graph technology concept that powers consumer heavyweights such as LinkedIn and Facebook. He wanted his company to not just give IT teams data management they could rely on, but to also have it all seamlessly integrated with applications that provide contextual insight, coupled with recommended actions for proven ROI—not hypothetical and uncorrelated value. In short, Manish dreamed of a new world of analytical and operational applications for frontline business users, that solved business problems beyond traditional CRM and packaged apps—and he knew he could create it.

Since no one else would, Manish bet on himself. He took on significant financial risk by investing his own money to make his company a reality. But judging by the new Series A funding round of $10 million he received this past March, it appears his decision is paying off. Until a few months ago Reltio had offshore development and less than six U.S.-based employees. Today Reltio’s rapid growth includes more than 60 employees worldwide and major pharma companies as customers.

Reltio’s enterprise data-driven applications are specific to each industry and include data-as-a-service (DaaS) for companies to easily combine third-party data with their own—and share it organization wide. Innovative industry leaders are also looking to use DaaS to license their own data through Reltio—a potential billion-dollar revenue stream for brick and mortar giants.

Reltio’s cloud-based data management platform and data-driven applications are applicable to any industry, and Manish could have chosen to go after another industry without a dominant player to start, but he picked the healthcare and life sciences market. Yes, he is well aware that data management heavyweights such as Veeva Systems, IMS Health, Informatica, Oracle and IBM all have a significant presence in the industry. But Manish believes his platform will be better. And he is willing to bet others will too.


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